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Step into the captivating Binyamin region, nestled between Judea and Samaria just north of Jerusalem. As Israel’s largest municipality, this sacred area boasts incredible attractions while simultaneously grappling with ongoing security challenges and exciting developments.

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Campaign Goal: $4,000,000

Campaign Goal: $14,000,000

Campaign Goal: $72,400

Campaign Goal: $40,000

Campaign Goal: $360,000

Campaign Goal: $150,000

Campaign Goal: $2,200,000

Campaign Goal: $330,000

Campaign Goal: $50,000

Featured Project

The Binyamin Medical Center’s concrete frame stands as a beacon of hope, a lifeline that will reach our community’s heart. It’s more than just a building; it’s the promise of timely medical care, the embrace of medical expertise, and the relief that no one has to suffer the pain of lost time. Families share their stories, not just of loss, but of the profound impact this center can have on saving lives. Join us in bringing this vital project to life, where hope becomes a reality.

The Binyamin Fund's mission is to create a safer and more secure future for Binyamin, and keep a stronghold on this land steeped with historical and sacred significance for the Jewish people.

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We actively work with the Binyamin municipality and provide support and guidance to early-stage initiatives, long before they reach the fundraising stage or go public. Have a cause close to your heart? Reach out to us, and we will connect you with a cause that ignites your passion. Let’s create a lasting impact together.

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The Fund of Binyamin

A wolf is the iconic symbol of Binyamin, exemplifying unity and camaraderie within the community. Known for their strength, loyalty, and teamwork, wolves travel in packs, embodying the values that support the remarkable work of the Binyamin Fund. It takes more than a village to raise awareness and empower a region. Join the movement to empower the heartland of Israel.

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Inspiring tales of real-life heroes living in Binyamin

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