The Heart of Israel Staff is dedicated to the rebuilding of Judea and Samaria and being your connection the Holy Land.

Major (Res. IDF) A.Y. Katsof, Founder and Director

A.Y. Katsof is the Founder and Director of The Heart of Israel.

Born in California, he now lives in Esh Kodesh, Shiloh, with his wife Rivka and 6 children.
A.Y. served in the Israeli Military as an officer in Combat Demolition and Intelligence.
He studied Middle Eastern, Arabic and International Relations at Ariel University.
He speaks English, Hebrew, and Arabic and is a farmer of 6 Dunam wine grapes and produces his own wine.
A.Y. is the Founder of The Heart of Israel since 2015, and serves as the Director ever since.

Racheli Eyal, Chief Operating Officer

Racheli Eyal is the COO of The Heart of Israel.

Born in Haifa to Americans who had just made aliyah, Racheli grew up in an Israeli community. She was part of the Bnei Akiva youth movement and served in the Nachal Brigade in the Israeli Defense Force. With her husband, Nachi, she lived in the Jordan Valley, in Shadmot Mechola, for a few years but then moved to Psagot, where they have lived for the past 27 years. She has 7 children and one grandson. Racheli studied Fashion Design and has an MBA from Ariel University.

Talya Levi, Graphics and Design Editor

Talya Levi is our Graphics and Design Editor.



Board of Directors:

A.Y. Katsof

Steven David

Hindy Cohen

Marcos Lupciuc

Lee Lasher

Mike Wiener

Legal Advisor: David Jadidian, Esq.

Tax Advisor: Joseph Glicksman, CPA