Creating Healing Soaps from Natural Herbs of the Holy Land

When Shlomo and Naomi Keshet gave birth to their fourth son, Elnatan (meaning “God’s gift”), their lives changed forever. Elnatan was born with Down syndrome. Just like many other parents with children with this disorder, Shlomo and Naomi were concerned about Elnatan’s future and his prospects for an independent life. Shlomo and Naomi did not dwell on their fear, and they decided to devote their lives to make sure Elnatan had the tools he needed in order to succeed.

The Keshet family did everything in their power to help Elnatan reach his full potential. They even moved their entire family to a new community, Kochav Hashachar, a small town in the Heart of Israel, in order to accommodate his schedule of special classes and therapies. (Many members of the international community condemn settlements like Kochav Hashachar, located in the Biblical Heartland.) When they felt that the system had nothing left to offer Elnatan, Naomi and Shlomo took matters into their own hands.

With experience in agriculture and cooking, a natural soap factory named Saboneto was born. Shlomo created a business in which Elnatan could be an essential part of the production process from start to finish. The business took off, and Elnatan’s success inspired the Keshet family to employ other young adults with special needs. They currently have five employees with special needs and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), and they hope to hire more.

Located in the most beautiful setting in Kochav Hashachar, in Israel’s Heartland, Saboneto offers an experience that will ignite all of your senses – from the beautiful scenery and colorful bars, to the silky texture of the soap, and of course the heavenly aroma that will transport you to the Garden of Eden. From the picking of the plants all the way to the packaging of the soap, every step is done by Saboneto employees with the greatest care. The process begins in the fields around the factory, where the herbs are grown. Each bar of soap includes locally grown herbs, natural oils, and mud from the Dead Sea, whose healing properties have been harnessed for over 1,000 years.

People refer to your skin as your “third lung.” The very air around you enters your body through the pores in your skin, Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the soap and other products that you use on it. Saboneto’s soaps are 100% natural, and are a fusion of pure, high quality essential oils, Dead Sea mud, salts and minerals, and organic, fragrant plants. When you use Soaps from Saboneto, you are assured that you are getting the purest ingredients from the Holy Land, caring for both your body and soul.

Shlomo quotes the verse from Exodus 15:26, “I am the Lord, your Healer.” The herbs of the Holy land have curative features. Shlomo has had customers return to him, telling him about ailments that they suffered from for years, that were resolved after trying his divine soaps. Many people say the same thing after visiting the Dead Sea, whose mud and minerals are found in each bar of soap. Shlomo believes that these peoples’ overall health and well being are improved thanks to the holy elements found in his soaps.

When you are in Israel, make sure to stop by for a free tour of the factory. Experience this magical place for yourself. In the meantime Saboneto soaps are now available in the new The Heart of Israel online store.

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