Project Summary

The Visitor Center at Beit Hogla Farm

1. The Need

Expansion of processing facilities to accommodate the increase in fruit-producing trees combined with an educational center highlighting the biblical history and restoration of the land through agriculture.

The Background

Beit Hogla exists as an agricultural centerpiece in the middle of a significantly historical biblical site.  It was founded by Erna Covos (AKA Mrs. Jericho) after the Yeshiva she established at Shalom Al Yisrael synagogue in Jericho was set afire in the wake of the Oslo Accords when the city was handed over to the Palestinian Authority.  Forced to evacuate for her own safety nineteen years ago, she was left on a desolate piece of land adjacent to the Mul Nevo IDF Army base in the ancient biblical Gilgal.  She erected a tent and discovered a freshwater spring there to support a well.

This is where Erna staked a claim as a force and inspiration, turning arid desert into what is now home to over 600 fully producing olive trees, 170 pomegranate trees, 300 assorted date palms, fig and papayas.    Beit Hogla is situated some 1.5 km from the Jordan River right at the northern edge of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth but spiritually, the highest. It is where the covenant with G~d by circumcision took place, where Elijah passed on the double portion to Elisha before ascending to heaven in a fiery chariot, and where Joshua on his way to conquer Jericho took off his sandals.

Erna Covos, a modern-day pioneer, organized volunteer efforts and is single-handedly responsible for having settled this land.  Five years ago, she and her husband, Yosef, survived a terror attack on Tisha B’Av which resulted in the arrival of four young Orthodox Jewish families adjacent to the farm.  Soon others joined and currently, twelve settler families are established with nine more slated to join them soon.

2. The Process

With world attention focused on Israel claiming sovereignty in the Jordan River Valley, Beit Hogla stands in the crosshair of this international dilemma.   Your ability to support this project that anchors one of the very few Jewish enclaves on Israel’s eastern border is an act of faith that the G~d of Israel will keep HIS promise for the future of this nation.

This is your opportunity to participate in G~d’s redemptive plan regarding Israel in a tangible and meaningful way.  You are invited to personally experience the fulfillment of biblical prophecy through a sacrificial investment in this project.  Each donation is appreciated and naming rights within the structures are available.

As the founder of Jericho Mevo Yishuv, Beit Hogla, the Jericho Heritage and Culture Association, I invite you to participate in desert agriculture projects of Beit Hogla.  Here the land is being redeemed.  Groups and individuals become acquainted through biblical tours with the Hebrew tradition that spreads light to the world.  You are welcome to volunteer and contribute.
– Erna Covos 

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3. The Cost