Project Summary

The Binyamin Ethiopian Educational Farm

1. The Vision

The Head of Binyamin Mr. Yisrael Gantz,  together with the Minister of Aliya Mrs. Pnina Tamano-Shata visioned an Ethiopian Educational Center aimed to attract worldwide tourists that come to Israel in order to learn about the Ancient Jewish Ethiopian Tradition and their long journey back to Israel.

As well, we are already in the process of building a post-High School program (will start in Sep 2021) for second-generation Ethiopians in Israel in order to empower them and connect them to their roots, They will as well, contribute to running the center.

The location could not be better, right across from the famous Latrun Tank Museum and on RT. 1 between the Airport and Jerusalem.

2. The Cost

  • Sheep Pen $100,000
  • Security Camera System $35,000
  • Solar Power System $23,000
  • Ethiopian Education Center $300,000
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