Project Summary

Teens at Risk Workshop Programs

1. The Need

While life in the Heart of Israel has many unique challenges, in many ways, our teens are just normal kids. Teens at risk in the region, like students that don’t quite fit in with formal schooling anywhere else in the world, need an extra hand to find their calling in life.

Join us in supporting engaging workshops and professional trade programs that can help our youth make the turn from failing grades to meaningful employment.

The programs are generally weekly meetings over the course of 3-6 months (a total of 12-24 meetings), in small groups of 8-16 teens that
allow for one-on-one attention for each participant.

2. The Cost

Prices per workshop:
Hair Styling – $6,000
Nails Art – $8,000
Professional Makeup – $10,000
Graphic designing – $11,000
Cellphone repair – $11,000

The Results

Ceramic workshop
Ceramic Workshop
Nail Art Workshop
Nail Art Workshop
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2023 Summer Nail Art Workshop
2023 Summer Nail Art Workshop
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