Project Summary

1. The Need

On this past Friday night, Parshat Matot-Masai, a terrorist broke into the yishuv of Neve Tsuf and entered the Solomon family home.  The Solomons were sitting down to eat dinner and were about to celebrate the Shalom Zachar of a brand new grandson. Their house was open to all who wanted to come celebrate. The terrorist stabbed the father, son, and daughter, Yosef, Chaya and Elad (HY”D).

“The murderers are trying to weaken our Yishuv in our land, therefore we will strengthen ourselves, build and make our foundations even stronger.”

2. The Cost


We are asking you to say “No more!’

At this time we are collecting money to build a security system that is advanced, featuring radars and smart cameras in order to protect the yishuv of Neve Tzuf.

Join us in this important project and together we can prevent the next tragedy!

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