Project Summary

Shvut Rachel Synagogue and Study Center

1. The Background

The Shvut Rachel Synagogue and Study Center is the ambitious endeavor of the residents of Shvut Rachel, a community established almost three decades ago in memory of Rachela Druk and Yitzhak Rofe, victims of a horrendous terrorist attack. Founded on unwavering faith, solidarity and Zionist values, Shvut Rachel is flourishing and expanding, despite its many challenges. As a result, our present synagogue is too small to accommodate our growing population and its diverse needs.

2. The Goal

The Synagogue and Study Center will be the permanent home of three synagogues serving the town’s Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Yemenite communities. In addition, study halls for men and women and an inviting library will provide a comfortable setting for dedicated Torah study as well as a wide range of educational programs for all ages. Finally, the spacious lobby will be a meeting place where all three congregations can come together for Kiddush following Shabbat prayers, joint celebrations, charitable activities and other community events. 

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Following the cornerstone laying ceremony on Erev Shavuot 2019, construction has begun, and the first floor of the building is scheduled to be completed by mid-2020.

We invite you to become part of this inspiring project. Your generous contribution will help our community realize its vision to build a tangible symbol of its faith and vibrant spirit, while laying the foundation for a sustainable future.