Project Summary

Security Drones

1. The Need

As security technologies have advanced, the pioneers of the Heart of Israel are discovering new ways to keep their farms, their communities, and their homes safe.

Drones are a leap forward from risky jeep patrols on pitch-black mountain side trails, with far less danger and far greater

However, holding the security of your community at your fingertips is not cheap. A single military-grade thermal drone with extra battery packs costs $10,000, but it’s worth every penny.

Become a partner of the security teams in the Heart of Israel by helping us to fund these drones. With the donation of a full drone, we’ll show our appreciation by sending periodic aerial footage of the community that your drone is protecting.

2. The Cost

Drone with Thermal night vision: $10,000
Smart Camera on a post: $5,000
Smart Camera mounted on a post with Thermal vision: $18,000