Project Summary

Pina Chama in memory of Yannai Weisman, Maale Michmash

1. The Need


Larger yishuv of 240 families that was founded in 1981.

Yannai Weissman and his wife Yael grew up on the Yishuv and continued to live there after they were married. One of the outstanding qualities of Yannai was his constant search to find people he could help. As a tribute to him and his love for the Israeli army and its soldiers, his family wanted to build a place where all soldiers would be welcome to rest and relax when they were in the area and learn all about Yannai and his values.

Our Goal:

To help the Weissman family achieve their dream and create a lasting testament for their son/husband, Yannai.

2. The Cost


We raised the total using crowdfunding and other resources.

* This project is in partnership with One Israel Fund.

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