Project Summary

Kochav Hashachar Emergency Fund

1. The Need

Kochav Hashachar is a yeshuv 30 minutes from Jerusalem, located in the Binyamin region. In light of the current situation, we urgently want to improve the security of the Yeshuv. There is a pressing need to purchase security equipment to compensate for the lack of armed manpower due to a large part of our population currently deployed fighting this war. It is also necessary to purchase emergency medical equipment and supplies to prepare for terrorist infiltration G-d forbid. The Keren Binyamin Foundation will responsibly supervise all the money, and a tax-deductible receipt will be issued for your donation.

About The Yeshuv: Kochav Hashachar is a religious community of 450 families and growing. It’s a community of givers-women and teens are making food for soldiers, committees have been set up to help mothers of young children whose husbands were drafted, entertainers are offering free entertainment to keep the kids busy, and every able-bodied male has taken shifts to patrol at different points of the Yeshuv.

2. Update