Project Summary

Kerem Re’im Security Equipment

1. Background

Kerem Re’im – a young, rapidly developing community settlement, was established in memory of three dear friends who gave their lives in Israel’s wars. Staff Sergeant Samuel Weiss, Lieutenant Amichai Merchavia, and Captain Yehonatan Netanel.

The settlement is located in the Talmonim bloc in western Benyamin mountains, between the settlements of Neria and Nahaliel, and belongs to the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council.

2. The Need

We need your help!

The security team of the Kerem Re’im settlement is preparing for any scenario.

To prevent, God willing, a chaotic scenario similar to what happened in the South, we are preparing with all our might.

Most of the forces that are usually on standby have been drafted to reserve duty and the force that remains is preparing to defend our home and families.

We are training, practicing, guarding, patrolling, and planning, but yes, we also lack critical equipment, and due to the situation, we will have to organize this equipment ourselves.

We need a budget for the purchase of combat equipment including: ceramic vests, knee pads, gun lights, weapon sights, emergency medical equipment and other tactical gear. We have places to purchase these items but we need help financing the equipment in the sum of 55,000 NIS (approx. $15k)

Donations are tax deductible according to 501C3.

Please join us in defending our home and families.

Thank you very much!