Project Summary

Help Feed Needy Families

1. Background

There are about 600 families within the Binyamin Region who live below the poverty line and make use of the services provided by the Social Services and Welfare Office. Of the many services provided by these governmental offices are things such as counseling, and financial planning help. In conjunction with these offices, The Heart of Israel, twice a year, around the time of the Jewish Holidays, donates monetary gift cards to needy families. These vouchers allow them to buy food and essentials, so that they too can celebrate the holidays.

2. The Cost

$90,000 Total

600 Food vouchers, for the amount of $150 per family (500 NIS) are purchased.


3. The Process

In order to have a fair selection process, we work closely with our own Social Workers, and usually, the families that receive such pre-holiday help are of low socio-economic means with large families. Every family that receives support, has a prior file open with one of our social workers.

4. The Results

This past holiday of  Succot Holiday of 2020, Thanks to many supports we were able to give to all 600 of our poor families, food vouchers of $150 each.