Project Summary

From Whiteboard to Smartboard

1. The Need


Now that we are deep into the COVID era, we are working to implement the “Hybrid” method of teaching. Part of the class comes to school while others, especially students at high risk are able to learn from home.
This essential solution allows our schools to continue serving our students, without exposing them to danger.
Both parts of the class can learn together through the ‘Magic Touch’ solution. This Israeli-method enables us at minimum cost to transform our classroom whiteboards into smartboards that project and record the lessons via Zoom to every child’s home, allowing for simultaneous learning.

2. The Cost

The cost for each “Whiteboard Size’  Magic Touch Frame is $1,110 (3,3710NIS)

We have 754 classrooms in 63 different schools throughout Binyamin.

Our immediate goal is to supply at least 4 ‘Magic Touch’ boards to each of our 63 schools.

The schools themselves will put up %50 matching funds.


Amount of boards: 4 boards X 63 schools = 252 boards.

Total Cost: 252 boards times $1,110 each = $279,720

Need to Raise: Divided by 2 (the matching funds) =leaves us $139,860 to raise.

3. The Process

4. The Results

Thanks to your help, here is a clip of the first out of eight schools that we have installed our magic frames in.

Notice the smile on the children’s faces.