Project Summary

Emergency Fund for the Soldiers

1. The Need

Many families in Yeshuv Kochav Hashachar ( 30 min from Jerusalem, in the Binyamin region) stepped up to the plate and are cooking, baking, and shuttling food and basic necessities to the many bases and “pinot chamot” for chayalim in the area. The money that comes in through this link is responsibly supervised by a resident of Kochav Hashachar and the Keren Binyamin fund and will go directly to the soldier’s needs and only on an as-needed basis. The money is transferred by the fund directly to the supplier.

Update as of October 10: Most bases are already loaded with candy and toiletries. We got requests for underwear, socks, sheets for cots and tzitzit (!) also from non religious soldiers who want to wear them while fighting! The requests keep coming! The bases in the area continue to really appreciate the homemade baked goods prepared and report it gives the soldiers a boost before they head down south. Bh the army caterers did get things together and are coming to the area. The funds from the donations will continue to go towards buying ingredients for women to prepare the homemade food as long as it’s needed and appreciated. So far it seems the bulk of the money is going towards much needed supplies and not food.

If the war ends suddenly ( beezrat hashem) the money remaining will be used towards equipment for the Kochav Hashachar medical first response team and/or the Kochav Hashachar volunteer first-line-of-defense team. All donations are US tax-deductible.

2. Update

Update Oct 12:
We do see that the food needs of soldiers on the bases are handled by the army ( and donated snacks and toiletries from around the world are out of control!). Meanwhile, we are taking care of the soldiers’ needs when a commander or soldier reaches out, which so far has been daily. The teens and residents of Kochav Hashachar are cooking Shabbat food for soldiers in the area who will be stationed at outposts and guarding strategic points. Commanders turned to us, saying that their soldiers would be lucky to receive some canned goods or a “mana kravit” ( a combat meal comprised of preserved food) over Shabbat. The commanders of the units now told their soldiers that they can stop by Kochav Hashachar to pick up homemade Shabbat food. The food will all be appropriately packaged for soldiers on the go.
We also got a request from a female combat unit for some basics, which we happily ordered using a wholesale pricing connection. Thanks for making this possible!! Mi K’amcha Yisrael!

Oct 24- The army now supplies consistent meals for soldiers and the needs are more gear and improvements of long-term security checkpoints and strategic lookout posts. We are working with the local army officials and unit that was deployed to the area around Kochav Hashachar to allocate the funds as needed.

2. Update