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Continuing Life

1. The Background

On Tuesday, October 30, 2018, (the 21st of Cheshvan 5779), the Atar family went on a trip from which they did not return. Avigayil, a sweet and smiley two-year-old who captivated all who knew her, Yaakov Yisrael who could have been an outstanding athlete, Ayala with her constant smile, Moriah who just started reading, the mischievous Ateret who was about to celebrate her Bat-Mitzvah this year, Yadid who happily went to kindergarten everyday, and their devoted parents Yariv and Shoshi, who embodied kindness and love to all mankind, are no longer with us. It is from this sense of grief and sorrow that The Heart of Israel, along with family and friends, have decided to build a very special memorial for the Atar family in order to ensure that their memory will not be forgotten.

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