Project Summary

Beit Hogla Security Equipment

1. The Need


Beit Hogla is a small Yishuv in the Jordan Valley next to Yericho. 42 families are living in Beit Hogla which is in the process of becoming an authorized Yishuv. Because they are not  completely authorized yet, the army is not yet securing it. In these troubled there is a need for security equipment in order to protect Beit Hogla properly.

Equipment needed:

– Combat vest (x15)

– Ceramic armor plates (back and front) (x15)

– Helmets (x15)

– Knee pads (x15)

– First Aid kits (x3)

– Flashlights (x15)

– Binoculars (x8)

– Drone for surveillance (x1)

– Security vehicle for surveillance and for quick arrival to a scene

2. The Cost

Combat equipment which needs to be acquired:
– Combat vest with ceramic armor plates (20 units) – $500 each
– Helmets (20 units) – $300 each
– Flashlights (20 units) – $30 each
– Defence equipment (20 units) – $330 each
– Binoculars (20 units) – $60 each
– Surveillance drones (2 units) – $1000 each
– Off road security vehicle – $15,200
It is possible to donate in honor of someone and to donate towards a specific item.
Every donation, big or small, is deeply appreciated.