Project Summary

AgriTech Educational Project

1. The Need

Binyamin’s Agriculture school was founded in 2014 in order to educate and internalize in our youth the knowledge and importance of agriculture with an emphasis on AgroTech, allowing us to grow larger amounts in smaller areas, using minimum resources. 


Today with about 490 young weekly students, we are looking to grow our research into a formal greenhouse to help us upscale our research and development techniques. 


Our goals:

To bring familiarity and stimulate our students to study new technologies in agriculture.

This is by building a greenhouse with the right machinery that will enable us:  

  • To study the effects of different fertilizers, water, light. 
  • To research 4 different types of hydroponic growing and harvesting. 
  • To trial effects on solar cleansing 
  • Aquaponics (Fish and plants) growing (the most sustainable)

2. The Cost

$35,000 to build a Study tech Greenhouse for students


3. The Proscess

From the time of receiving the funds within two months, the greenhouse will be built and immediately have our students come and start learning the research process