Project Summary

Agriculture Booster Water Line

1. The Need


The agriculture booster supplies water:

  • To the farmers of the area
  • To the residents of Achia, Esh Kodesh, Amichai, Kida and Adei Ad


By the Regional Council’s decision water for residents takes precedence over water for agriculture, that is why the agriculture booster fills the Achia booster everytime it needs water and during that time there is no water supply for the farmers.


The goal of doubling the water line is shortening the time it takes to fill the Achia booster and providing more time for the farmers line to function and get water.


This will be done by adding another water line between the agriculture booster and the Achia booster, which will shorten filling time of the Achia booster’s towers.



2. The Cost


3. The Plan

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