About Us

Who We Are

The Heart of Israel is based deep in the Biblical Promised Land.

We are a team of pioneers that live on the rugged hilltops of Judea and Samaria, Israel.

The days where the prophecies are coming alive are seen clearly as the Jewish people are returning to their homeland, making the desert bloom and the mountain prosper.

We deeply believe in our true friends and allies from around the globe that share our vision and care for us spiritually, morally and even physically.

With The Heart of Israel platform, we give our supporters from around the world an opportunity to stay in touch, connect with us, and even to be a partner with our success.

What We offer

  • Weekly newsletters.
  • Unique tours here in The Heart of Israel.
  • Bringing the heart of Israel to your communities around the world.

We have devoted ourselves to be your “boots on the ground” here in The Heart of Israel.

Our Israel offices are located high in the hilltops of Binyamin in the town of Psagot, overlooking the city of Jerusalem to the south, Samuel’s tomb to the west, the Dead Sea to the east, and Beit El to the north.

Come and see for yourself. Until then, we’d like to be your eyes and ears, giving you a taste of the ventures, the development and the aspirations of the Jewish pioneers to rebuild The Heart of Israel!

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to rebuild The Heart of Israel and create a better future for our children by:

  • Building schools, parks and playgrounds
  • Upgrading infrastructures of electricity and clean water
  • Assisting farmers and small home businesses
  • Upgrading security to protect the people from terrorist attacks
  • Bringing our friends to visit us here and bringing The Heart of Israel to communities abroad
  • Being the “Boots on the Ground” for all of our supporters worldwide by sharing our stories of the people of Israel that have finally returned to the Land promised to their ancestors thousands of years ago
  • Bringing Jews from all over the world and settling them in the Heart of Israel

The separation from our land over the long and bitter exile only deepened our resolve to return, to rebuild the old, and to continue to establish new communities and enterprises.